1996_monaco_grand_prixFirst things first – there can never be an F1 race without drama or else it wouldn’t stand to be categorized as racing.  Just consider machines shooting like rockets on twists and corners and you will appreciate the reason Formula One is so gripping.

Well, Monaco GP has always been a theatre of amazing drama but the 1996 event has received the vote as one of the wackiest in F1 on various occasions. Why would all fans agree on such an assessment? There is no other way of answering than assessing the race itself.

1.       Pre-race Situation

Truth be told, the year 1996 belonged to Williams with Damon Hill and rookie Jacques Villeneuve both from a blood of racing legends leading the pack. Ferrari was simply mediocre with one of the most maligned F1 Scuderia’s car, the F310. Other teams were clearly going down including Benetton, Ligier and Sauber among others.

2.       Practice and Qualifying

Schumacher who had made a much-hyped move to Ferrari took pole position though with some controversy. Hill came in second with Benetton’s Berger whom Schumacher had accused of blocking in qualifying coming in the 2nd row together with Jean Alesi in the same team.

This being Monaco where overtaking on race Sunday is impossible due to the narrow streets and hairpins, these were expected to be the eventual winners.

3.       Race Sunday, let the Madness Begin

Once the warm up was over with Olivier Panis fastest on the track, rain doused the City ruthlessly. Organizers had to add a 15-minute session for drivers to acclimatize with the wet track. During the session, signs of what lay ahead started showing with three drivers going out.

Retirements started flowing in with Montermini, Jos Verstappen and Schumacher leaving 17 cars running. More drama at Monaco GP 1196 was to come with Barrichello spinning, Diniz out due to transmission and accidents forcing Katayama and Ricardo Rosset out. Berger damaged his front wing followed by Martin Brundle, Hill, Alesi, Luca Badoer, Villeneuve, Hakkinen, Mika Salo and Irvine.

Call it crazy but at the end, Olivier Panis who had qualified 14th saw the checkered flag first followed by David Coulthard and Herbert. While Heinz-Harald Frentzen car came in fourth, the race was already over and only the three cars were counted as having finished the race.

If you think 1996 was crazy, you have not seen the last of the unpredictable track.  If you want to see this amazing race book your Monaco Grand Prix accommodation now.


While every Grand Prix race may be unique in its own way, some do not offer the thrilling experience that fans want. If you are not sure what races you should choose for your next racing season, you may want to check out these top 5 criteria for an exciting race.

The glamour of the event

A good race is perceived to be more than its quality. People will choose their next race based on different factors. However, if you are looking for something glamorous and glitzy, then you might want to consider the Monte Carlo race. On the other hand, for those looking for the unique, thrilling experience of a night race, then Singapore may be the place.

Geographical location

There are plenty of circuits you can explore, but for most fans, they want an event that is across the border, probably an expedition to another continent. That may offer a more exciting opportunity to see the big names in racing sport battle it in the circuits. However, you do not have to cross oceans to watch live Grand Prix motor racing action.

The Racing Prospects

Seeing a wheel-to-wheel race is what people want to experience. Some tracks are likely to offer more than others when it comes to the experience of racing. There are, however, inspiring circuits that can offer something good. Look for uniqueness and any new features in the races.

There are always new introductions in the circuits and some adjustments to offer fans the best experience. Not only that, you also want to note the line-up of the drivers, and if your favourite racer is in the competition, that makes it even more exciting. 

Size of crowd

There is no better way to enjoy a Grand Prix event than with a crowd. A packed racing arena makes for a good spectator experience. You are guaranteed of a big crowd if you head to Grand Prix courses like the Interlagos, Monza or even Silverstone


Don’t forget visibility

It may not always be easy to determine the best position to make a race more visible. The number of times you are going to see the cars come past your view may be one factor to consider. For example, an Interlagos racing lap will allow you to see the cars 70 times while a 7 km long lap at the Spa-Francorchamps only allows you to see the cars 44 times.


It’s up to you to examine what a Grand Prix event is likely to offer and whether it will give you the fun experience you expect. Always explore new opportunities and ventures by looking for different Grand Prix events.